Japan announced it would welcome over 500,000 foreign workers between 2019 and 2025 to help fill the labor shortage in the face of Japan’s aging population. Under the new program, 1 in 10 job openings starting summer of 2019 will be filled by a Filipino.


A hype for candidates in nursing, farming, construction, hospitality, shipbuilding industries.


But the road is long, especially for nurses and caregivers (level Nihongo N3 for caregivers & nurses, assessed by JLPT, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test).


  • Acquire knowledge & proficiency in Japanese required for daily life and job training in Japan.
  • Aim at balanced development of 4 language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing).
  • Learn basic words and expressions used in nursing and healthcare.
  • Gain basic knowledge about Japan, including its people, geography and transportation.
  • Learn lifestyles and manners in Japan.
  • Understand differences in general workplace practices and culture and customs specific to the field of nursing and nursing care between Japan and one’s home country.


Starting June 2019, MEGAMITCH TRAINING CENTER will propose Nihongo classes, first level N5, and later levels N4 and N3 for healthcare, to prepare candidates to the JLPT assessment, first step to their future job in Japan. From 150 to 450 hours language and culture  training in half days sessions.


Pre-Registrations are already open


More info to come soon

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